What I have learnt…

When choosing my modules for this semester it was an easy choice with this module, marked entirely on blogs seemed easy. Although the description did not really reflect what goes on. I thought we would be being taught the science of education but I was very surprised when I turned up to the first lecture and we were told we could learn about whatever we wanted and that we had to do presentations every other week!

The blogs weren’t that bad, but it takes a lot of time to do them all. The really good thing that I has come from doing these blogs is, for me, finding research has become so much easier becasue I have had to do so much, so this is a really good skill to have improved. Having to do them every week also kept me motivated to do the work. However, it would have been beneficial to know the blog and comment grades separately.

However, I really dislike the presentations!!! Having to be recoreded doing them and having to upload them to YouTube for anyone to say made me more nervous, and I was fine doing presentations before this module.

Overall, this module has its pros and cons.

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